Planning A 2018 Holiday with Holiday Gems

If you’re anything like me, every time the clocks change in autumn, you automatically start dreaming of a warmer climate and looking for a holiday for the following year.

I can’t help myself, I’ve always done it. It gets really dark REALLY early, winter coats come out of the cupboard, the heating goes on and you have to defrost the car in the morning – It’s inhumane surely? I always find life more difficult in the colder months, even if I do prefer the fashion.

Next year, we’re looking at revisiting Salou – we went there with some good friends when Nina was one and loved it.

Robyn (nearly two) hasn’t been abroad yet so next year is the year of our first family holiday for four in the sun – they’ll both be so excited to go on an aeroplane together and it’ll be the last chance we’ll have before we’re forced to pay school holiday rates – how very dare our darling first born be ready for school already!

So I had a look on and was pleasantly surprised by not only how easy the site is to use, but by the prices too – we’ve decided to give self catering a go as apart from the fact that All Inclusive is actually quite pricey when you’re paying for four people, We’ve always loved going All Inclusive but would quite like the freedom of Self Catering or Bed and Breakfast for a change – gone are the days of waking up to a pint at 10am (those wonderful, wonderful days…).

The filters are great – I can easily search for hotels with kids clubs and night time entertainment as the girls are old enough to enjoy it now, which will make our lives much easier and the holiday much more enjoyable.

Have a look at their website before you book anything – their prices are amazing.






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