5 Reasons Why You’re Not A Shit Mum

I just read a post about a friend feeling like a shit Mum for being tired and tetchy so I needed to say something –

Mate – it’s normal.

It’s normal to feel like crap ALL OF THE TIME when you’re not sleeping properly.

It’s normal to lose your shit sometimes.

It’s so bloody normal and it DOES NOT make you a bad Mum –

It makes you human – and I thank you for sharing as it makes me realise that I’m completely normal for feeling like a monumental failure half of the time.

It’s normal to not treasure every single moment.

It’s normal to crave peace and here are five reasons why you’re a great Mum…

1 – You’re there for your kid

You wipe noses and bums without blinking an eye – not your favourite tasks, but your kid loves you for it and is grateful.

2. You listen

When your kid talks all the live long day – you listen and talk to them about everything and nothing all at once.

3. You share your food and drinks with them

Even though they backwash liquids and touch all the things on the plate with their sticky little kid fingers.

4. Your kid wants cry on your shoulder

You’ll end up covered in bogeys, but you don’t care – your kid turns to you when they need comfort and as testing as this can be (when they’re emotionally unstable ALL THE TIME as they have a lot going on) you take it in your stride as you are Mum, you are sacred to that child and you are there in all your bogey wearing glory.

5. You’ve kept your kid alive

This is no laughing matter – that’s a huge responsibility – their needs ALWAYS come first and you never think twice about putting them first.

So thank you for sharing – You’re a Mum and you’re amazing 😘

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