Anxiety After a Car Accident

Earlier this year I was involved in a minor car accident – I was minding my own business, running the gauntlet by doing the nursery run at the wrong time of day (5pm), when two other vehicles being driven by people who were in a rush to get wherever they were going caused an accident that ended up with my car being written off.

I loved this car, it wasn’t new, but it was mine.

It was raining, I was stationary at the junction, waiting to go, one guy was driving too fast, the other guy turned too early – it could literally happen any time you jump in your car on any given day – we were all lucky on this occasion in that none of us were seriously injured – but it could have been so much worse.

The driver and passenger of this car were really lucky

I’m not the dramatic type, this was really just a wrong place at the wrong time situation, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t anxious about driving for a few weeks afterwards. I took my time and left more space than I needed, as I was worried about it happening again – having the biggest courtesy car on the planet for eight weeks wasn’t a big help obviously, and having to drop two small children off at opposite ends of town every day means that I don’t have much of a choice but to suck it up and carry on regardless – however, I know people who have been involved in accidents and not found it so easy to get behind the wheel again afterwards.

It’s reassuring to know that if your post accident anxiety leaves you feeling so vulnerable that you can’t face driving for a bit, or if you’re injured or unable to work as a result, there are companies there to help claim much needed compensation to help ease the blow or top up any lost earnings.

I was lucky on this occasion and hopefully there won’t be a next time!

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