Ways To Cope In January and A Free Now TV Voucher!

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love free stuff – especially in January, when your bank balance is still crying after the Excesses of Christmas!

You’ve massively over spent despite promising yourself (as you do every year) that you absolutely will not succumb this time – until you realise that four of your friends have had kids that year and you now need to buy presents for their gorgeous new additions too.

There are all kinds of freebies out there to be had that can help to take the pressure off until pay day (if you were paid early in December, you’ll need to take full advantage) to make sure you survive until the end of the month.

Tesco Club Card Vouchers

These are such a great help at this time of year, so it’s a good idea to save them to use now, when you’re really feeling the pinch and counting the pennies.

They make those trips to the super market much less depressing and mean that you don’t have to live on rice and beans for the best part of a month.


There are many, many vochers out there to help you save money – this Now TV Voucher Code is a good one for January – if you just can’t afford to go out at the moment, use this to get free movies for cosy nights in until pay day.

Meal Preparation

It’s a great idea to plan ahead by making meals for the freezer, you can do this with so many meals – if you’re making a Bolognese, make a vat of it, freeze in batches and throw together a couple of lasagnes while you’re at it. Soups are great too and there are so many different options – try this Slimming World friendly Spicy Tomato Soup with Koftas
– it’s delicious!


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