5 Reasons why I Would Love Wood Flooring

Many, many years ago, we made the hideous error that was having cream carpets fitted in our house – they were lovely for about a day, then they were ruined – nothing I did to keep them clean worked and we were too skint to be able to afford proper Wood Flooring at the time so we got cheap laminate in a rustic oak finish instead and we still love it today.

Here are five reasons why I believe wood flooring is miles better than carpet…

1. It’s So Much Easier To Clean

No messing around with carpet shampooing machines or hand scrubbing carpets down on your knees – all you need to do is quickly whizz over it with a mop and boom – clean, shiny floors!

Wood Flooring

2. It’s More Hygienic

If you’re living with a couple of kids who like to spill everything everywhere and a dog with muddy paws, wood flooring is going to be so much more Hygienic – there’s literally less chance you’ll be sat crying over spilt milk than if you had carpet – cleaning it up will be so much easier and there’ll be no worrying about nasty niffs in a day or so as you can anti bac it there and then.

3. Easy Maintenance

Wood generally looks better with age, so pretty much all you need to do is run around with a mop or a sweeping brush – you can get your floor sanded and treated every five years or so if you choose to, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

4. It Makes Sense

For family living – the kids can be kids without you having to worry all the time about mess.

5. It’ll last for decades and only look better with age.

So there you have it. We’re saving and will hopefully be able to make the upgrade soon.

*This is a collaborative post.

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