Heelys – A Review

I thought for a long time about whether it was a good idea to get Heelys for my four year old or not – everyone I spoke to said she was just too little – I naturally agreed with them.

Then she saw someone (probably aged about eight), cruising down the aisle in Tesco in a pair, and her jaw hit the floor ‘WOW! Mummy can I have some of those? Pleeeeaaaaaase?’

She continued to chew my ear off about it for a week, then I had an email offering us a pair to review and I just couldn’t turn them down.

I selected the brightest ones I could find on their website (they have some really cool designs).

Nina still harped on, until they arrived and I presented them to her – she was elated!

Everyone has had a go at helping her learn to use them..

My Mum

My Father-in-law

This was an idea vetoed by me.

Her Dad

Obviously me too but thankfully there’s no footage of that!

We’ve ran up and down the hallway hundreds of times, there have been bruises, there have been bumps, but there have been no tears – Nina was absolutely determined not to give up.

It took her exactly one month to learn how to skate and I could not be more proud of her!


If your kid doesn’t get on with the wheels straight away you can pop them out and apply these covers in seconds to transform them into trainers – such a simple, but clever idea!


There are loads of coolndesigns to choose from – the next pair we get will be flashing too!

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