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Shake That Weight plans are great for mums on the go and there are several plans to choose from be it a complete meal replacement, or a Very Low Calory diet that still allows you an evening meal.

VLCD With Shake That Weight

The plans are low carb, high fibre, high protein, designed to replace meals to help you regulate your diet and achieve your target weight loss.

The range of products is great, offering a good selection of flavoured shakes, porridge, rice meals, soups and pasta dishes, there’s also loads of lovely snack options to choose from including chocolate wafer bars and crisps!

VLCD With Shake That Weight

Having two small children, a job and a dog (an all around hectic lifestyle), I opted to follow the ‘Woman With Meal‘ plan, allowing myself to enjoy a shake for breakfast, a fairly substantial lunch and a small 400 calory evening meal as I still had to prepare dinner for the family day to day.

It’s really important when following these plans to drink plently of water – 2.5 liters per day to be precise. Water suppresses the appetite naturally and helps the body speed up its metabolism, helping it to burn fat.

I’ve never been very good at keeping hydrated so am hopeful that this plan with enforce an ongoing good habit there, not only aiding weigh loss, but speeding up recovery after exercise and improving the appearance of my skin.

This is obviously not just for Mums, there are plans on the website that will suit everyone, as long as you’re not pregnant, breastfeeding or in poor health there will be something for you.

I’ll be starting my two week plan in the morning and am excited to report back, hopefully with a substantial loss that will kick start a new era for me and allow me to feel like myself again after gaining three stone in four years.

Stay tuned to my results and good luck if you’re starting your own weight loss journey.

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