Get Organised With A Whiteboard

Yes that’s right – Summer is just around the corner at long last and you’ll no doubt be attempting to organise your family days out, fun nights out and holidays, trips, camping with the kids – whatever you’re in to, I’m sure there’s plenty going on – and if you haven’t I bet your kids have! They do tend to have better social lives than us at times with play dates, school trips and around a million birthday parties to go to!

Organise your life

If you’ve just received your children’s school place offer you’ll soon be keeping up with inset days and settling in sessions too where applicable – keeping on top of things can be a bit of a nightmare so why not arrange your agenda in plain sight?

If your diary is looking anything like mine, it’s a great, big, scribbly mess – tippex is my friend but a dry-wipe board would be so much neater.

Something we’ve been considering for an absolute age is a wall mounted white board for the kitchen – we’re finally going to get one with the intention of using it for all of the above along with shopping list reminders and mid-week meal planning as I’m still on a perpetual diet!

Whiteboards are available in loads of different sizes and you can even get magnetic ones which are great for things like remembering to pick up a prescription or sticking any outstanding corrspondace ‘to do’s’ on. Check out some reasonably priced ones here– Sundeala have some great deals – if you don’t fancy a white board, they also have a range of felt and fabric boards available in a host of different colours and finishes.

Organise your life

You may well be really organised already but want a whiteboard on a stand for the kids to draw/write on – you could use one to help them learn to read!

*This is a collaborative post*

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