Why You Should Switch to Vaping from Smoking

Many smokers have made or in the process of transitioning to vaping, or the act of inhaling vapour via an electronic cigarette. If you smoke, then you might want to finally make the switch, especially since so many other smokers have jumped on the trend. If you want to find out what the top advantages of vaping are, then continue to read on.

You must buy a vaping device. Besides this initial investment, you’ll save a lot. On average, vaping costs far less (up to 50%) than smoking cigarettes.

No Smoke or Odour
Vaping requires liquid to be heated up to form the vapour, and no combustion is required. Therefore, vaping creates no smoke. You can finally squash your nicotine cravings without lighting up a cigarette and creating a bunch of smoke.

Furthermore, no second-hand smoke is involved. Say goodbye to lingering smells on clothes, breath and your skin because vaping does leave behind a foul odour. This means your ceilings, curtains and furniture won’t smell horrible.

You can even vape in your car and not have to worry about ruining it. There are not butts, lighters or matches involved with vaping, so you won’t risk accidentally setting something on fire. On that note, smoking is a leading cause for house fires.

The Ingredients
Cigarettes contain so many chemicals that can cause cancer or has been linked to cancer. In e-liquids, usually only a few ingredients are found inside them. This includes food-grade flavourings, water and nicotine, as well as propylene glycol. Many liquids don’t even contain any nicotine whatsoever.

Nicotine Control
The liquid that’s used in vaping devices are available with no nicotine, and different liquids may have varying degrees of nicotine content. If you want to reduce the amount of nicotine you consume, then you can start off with a high concentration and slowly work your way down to a liquid that contains no nicotine.

Cigarettes have one flavour, and that is tobacco. Sure, they claim to be available in different blends, but the bottom line is they all are only available in one flavour, no matter what people say. The number of e-liquids out there are in the thousands.

You can choose from options such as root beer and fruity flavours, as well as novelty flavours such as popcorn. These are only a few of the many examples of what’s out there. You can even find e-liquid in tobacco flavour.

Choosing A Device
It’s quite a natural feeling to switch to vaping from smoking and this is because many devices resemble real cigarettes. Many smokers start off by using mini devices that don’t weigh a lot and that are shaped like traditional cigarettes. The mini can be purchased in a rechargeable model or a disposable model.

The mini also has a good battery life and it’s equipped with an atomizer. When you inhale via the mouthpiece, the battery is powered on and the liquid begins to heat up. This entire process is fast.

Rechargeable minis can be placed in a case that will charge it, and this case looks like a pack of cigarettes. Many people mistake minis for cigarettes because of how close in resemblance they are. Furthermore, you’ll be getting your hit of nicotine when you use a vaping device and liquid, if it contains nicotine.

When you first make the switch, it might feel funny. However, things become easier and easier as you use your device. Do you want to make the switch? If so, then shop around today and compare the many devices and liquids out there.


*This is a collaborative post*

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