Helping Your Child Transition From Nursery to School

If your child is soon to be transitioning from nursery to school, it’s important that make sure you are adequately prepared for the affect it will have on them so that you know how best to help. It’s not easy, but Taunton School, who teach children from babies to 18-year olds, offer the following advice.

Firstly, it’s a great idea to have a positive attitude towards change in general. Discuss with your little one how change can open new doors, leading to different and/or better opportunities. You could use seasonal  changes as an analogy to help explain how change can be good a good thing, like spring brings new life. The more positive you are about change as a whole, but especially the transition from nursery to school, the less daunting it will feel to your child. After all, your children will typically adopt your own mannerisms and opinions towards things.

Another way to help your child with the transition is to encourage them to become more independent so that it won’t be such a shock to them when they move into reception class. Start with little tasks like asking them to do up their own buttons or shoelaces or wash their hands after using the toilet without your help. Independence is quite a vital skills for pre-prep aged kids.

Be patient with your youngster, as they are sure to be feeling quite anxious about the transition and might therefore behave a little out of character. Rather than telling them off, try to sit down with them and discuss their emotions as best as possible (which is obviously going to be challenging with a four-year-old). Explain things as clearly as you can and essentially try and ease their anxiety.


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