Should Technology Be Used in the Classroom?

In the 21st Century, technology plays a huge role in everyday life, for children and adults alike. It has an impact on how we work, play and even learn. As a result, it makes perfect sense for schools to implement modern technology in the classroom and enhance the learning experience for their students. Mount House School explore in further detail below.

The effect that technology has on our children is an ongoing debate and subject of a lot of research. Many schools believe that mobile devices are more of a hindrance than a tactical learning device. However, if used correctly, mobile devices will help young people prepare for their future career. They allow students access to up-to-date information quickly and easily.

Generally speaking, technology can transform a learning environment and give students new opportunities to develop various different skills. For example, students can easily communicate with a pen pal, which might help them develop a new language skill. What’s more, they might learn to code, making them a suitable candidate for careers in website development. The opportunities are endless.

As well as helping the learners learn, technology can also help the teachers teach. They can use it to expand on points they might otherwise not know how to demonstrate. They can be better organised, by means of automated registers and notices about upcoming homework or exams.

With anything, where there are pros, there are also cons. Technology can sometimes be a distraction in the classroom and writing information by hand is typically more memorable than typing it up. What’s more, technology can negatively impact a child’s social skills, as it has the potential to separate students from their peers. It’s important that teachers who use technology in the classroom also encourage verbal communication and the development of conversational skills, to balance out some of the negative side effects.

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