Educational Activities During School Holidays

Kids need to be entertained during the school holidays, whether they’re nursery aged or teenagers. This doesn’t mean they should play video games or scroll through social media 24/7; there are plenty of other things they could do to stimulate their brains. To avoid them falling behind with their school work, parents can introduce educational activities to their schedule, to ensure they’re learning whilst also having fun. Mill Hill School have put together some ideas below.

You could start a family book club; head to the library and let your child choose a book they like. Read it together or grab copies for each of your family members so that once finished, you can all discuss it. You could even encourage your child to write a book review after.

If your child is interested in art or science, you could head to an art gallery or a science museum one day during the holidays. More often than not they have free entry and they make for a great educational day out. On sunny days, you could head to National Trust parks or gardens, or even visit a stately home or castle. Children are sure to learn lots about the history of the area and there might even be special events on certain days.

Encourage your child to get all of their homework and other school projects done during the holiday, or ask them to work on areas of their education that they’re struggling with so that they’re not behind when they return to school. Of course, it’s important to remember that learning comes in many forms, not just academic. You could teach your child to cook a new recipe or how to ride a bike. As long as they’re kept physically and mentally stimulated throughout the holidays, you should be able to keep your child entertained and educated at the same time.

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