Should I Send My Child to Summer Camp?

Many schools across the world open their doors to students during the summer holidays so that they can continue learning and socialising over the long break. Summer camps are great, both for the students and for parents who are unable to take the time off work to look after their kids every day during the holidays. I’ve teamed up with a prep school in Surrey, who have their very own summer camp, to explore the benefits for kids and their parents.

If your child attends a summer camp, they will make memories that they’ll cherish forever and build relationships with other children that may last a lifetime. By meeting and communicating with other kids who have varying cultural, religious, political and other social backgrounds, your child will learn to respect different types of people and treat everyone as an equal. What’s more, it will help develop their confidence and general social skills which will benefit them in all aspects of their life. For example, a child who builds on their confidence over summer may be more likely to contribute in class when they go back to school after the break.

Summer camp activities are typically great for improving the physical and social welfare of children. They’ll get plenty of fresh air whilst letting off some steam which is far more beneficial to their wellbeing than video games and social media. They also get to take part in activities that they might otherwise never get to experience.

It’s worth noting that every child is different and what’s suitable for one may not be suitable for another. Although there are many undeniable advantages to summer camp, only you know your child and therefore only you can determine whether or not it’s an appropriate option for them. Generally speaking, however, children tend to have a fantastic time at summer camp!

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