Decorating Your Home with Patterned Tape

Decorating your home is an exciting challenge and it allows you to display elements of your personality throughout so that it truly feels like yours. But have you ever thought about how rewarding it would be to use your own crafting materials to decorate? Many people nowadays are using crafting as a way to express their creative side and making your own home décor will give you a true sense of pride. You’ll most likely save on some pennies as well!

Patterned tape is a must-have if you’re keen on crafting. You could use it to make wall decals to brighten up a room (such as your child’s bedroom). They’re very easy to make; all you have to do is cover a piece of card with the tape of your choice and use a template to cut out some shapes, such as flowers or butterflies. The tape will stick to the walls nicely thanks to the adhesive backing and it’s unlikely that it will damage the paint work if you ever want to peel it off.

Since the tape is strong and resilient, you can use it for pretty much anything you put your mind to, like a seat cushion or a storage box. You could also use it to decorate photo frames and mirrors and have everything matching. Another option is to stick it to your kitchen units; if you dislike it a few months later, it won’t take too much effort to remove it again.

When decorating your home, all it takes is sometimes is a little inspiration. You might want to think about setting up a Pinterest account so that you can look out for some great interior design ideas and put your own spin on them.

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