The Importance of a Proper Drainage System

We all know that water can cause chaos inside our homes, but it’s not common knowledge that water can actually cause a lot of damage to the exterior of your home too. That’s why it’s important to have decent drainage on the property. Without it, you may notice standing or ponding water, which tends to happen after a heavy bout of rainfall when the ground is even and the soil is waterlogged. Ponding water like this unfortunately leads to rodents and bugs, which will damage plants and shrubbery.

Every building sits atop a foundation, whether it is concrete or something more environmentally friendly, like helical piles. If the surrounding soil becomes either too moist or too dry, it can expand, shrink or move around. This causes the foundations of the building to move and leads to cracks in the walls, which can then lead to leaks.

The foundation of your home is something you probably don’t think about much; out of sight, out of mind. However, as a homeowner, it’s your responsibility do what you can to prevent any damage to the building. As well as installing a proper drainage system, there are other things you can do to prevent this from happening and protect your property. Avoid planting trees too close, as they can absorb moisture in the soil and cause it to shrink. Keep an eye on the local area for construction projects, as they can disturb your own property if they are large scale.

More often than not, paying to repair damage to your home is far more costly than paying for preventative measures to begin with. Slump units and other drainage systems, for example, are highly affordable. Be sure to check the drains for any dirt and debris every once in a while so that it doesn’t block up and stop working.

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