Preparing Your Child for Results Day

Waiting to see their exam results can be a tense time for both students and parents. You may notice your child showing signs of stress and anxiety as the pressure mounts in the run up to results day.

To help prepare your child for results day and to show your support, no matter what grades they receive, Dover College share some helpful tips for parents…

1. All children want to make their parents proud, so be sure to let them know before their results, that you are proud of them, no matter what grades they get. Try to focus on their effort instead of their final grade and praise them for how hard they have worked at school.

2. In the run up to results day, try plan an event for your child to look forward to. This will also help to distract them from their worries and allow them to relax and enjoy themselves. You could also plan a second event for after results day. Either to celebrate or to cheer them up!

3. It is important to do some research into what educational or career options will be available to your child after receiving their results. This will help you to support your child and offer reassuring advice in the event of disappointing grades. Being fully prepared will help you to give your child the best possible advice.

4. Talking to your child about how they are feeling about their exam results is the best kind of support you can offer as a parent. Keep a positive attitude and reassure your child that they still have many options, no matter what grades they get. You could also research some relaxation techniques, such as yoga or mindfulness, and practice these together to help them cope with their emotions.

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