Feeding My Dog – Hills Science Plan

After a great many years of being coerced and persuaded by my husband, just over two years ago I relented and we got a puppy.

There was a lot of deliberation over which breed would fit in best (a LOT). We needed a dog that didn’t need loads of mental stimulation, wasn’t so big that they’d block our view of the tv and absolutely and most importantly needed to be able to cope with our two small children.

We decided a Beddy Whippet was the way to go and found a litter just town the road from where we live so we went and were chosen.

After making the mistake of allowing our (then) three year old name him, ‘Fridge’ became part of the family.

Hills Science Plan
We still don’t know where the name ‘Fridge’ came from, but it stuck

Once he was home, we discovered that he LOVED to eat. He would have a go at anything he could.

Being new dog owners, we dropped the ball and left him uncrated and completely unsupervised FAR too early.

Hills Science Plan
We were not amused

He also took a liking to skirting boards, architraves and at one point, he even managed to have a playful little nibble of the plaster on the wall. That was great.

I think the worst thing he ever ate was a bean bag, this happened well over a year ago and even though I spent half my life hoovering, I still find the beans!

Hills Science Plan
Beans, beans everywhere!

So steps were taken to rectify the problem. We installed a dog door, invested in a metal contraption to cover the ‘paper chew dispenser’ (which did not work by the way) and popped up a stair gate so he had the kitchen and garden to roam while we were out.

Hills Science Plan
We couldn’t be mad at this face for long

Another thing that made a huge difference, was finding the right food.

The boy loves to eat and we tried a few brands before we found one that he really liked.

We have, however recently switched to Hills Science Plan – as I read that a dry diet is better for a dogs teeth, so I started giving him bits as treats during play time, then swapped him over a few days and he literally yums the stuff up. It’s there, then it’s not.

I won’t lie, I was concerned about his poo’s as some foods can affect them in an unpleasant way, but thankfully this hasn’t been the case (phew) – if anything, they’re smaller which is a bonus.

It’s £32.99 for 12kg which I think is pretty reasonable and as it’s a well balanced, complete food, I’ve found that his boopable sniff receptor is slightly more redundant when we are eating human food. He seems more satisfied.

I mean, if there’s cheese around all bets are off, but I have noticed a difference.

* this is a collaborative post

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