The Advice To Pass On For Students Just Starting Out

Many people head to university to extend their educational journey and as we rapidly approach the start of another academic year, this is going to be fresh in the minds of many. A lot of people look at university as a way to gain degrees and different qualifications to progress their career options for the future. Becoming a student can actually be a great element of your life. Providing you with so many fond memories to look back on, with the social aspect, the friendships you make, and of course, what you learn. But it can also be an overwhelming time. So how do you make the most of it? Here is some advice to pass on to students who are just starting out. 


Staying close to the university and moving out of home

One of the first things you could consider advising when heading to university is actually moving out of the parental home and living close to the university or on campus. Some are specific to being student accommodation where you will possibly be sharing with other students attending the same campus and university. Or you could privately rent where it may be a little more expensive as well as not living with other people who are in similar circumstances to you. Part of the fun could come from living in student accommodation and making new friendships. 

Learning new responsibility 

You learn a lot of things becoming a student at university and moving away from home, but one of the biggest will be the added responsibility you start to have. You learn all about the bills and paying things on time. You potentially learn to cook, you learn to be accountable for your education, your home work and the way you spend your time. It can be a learning curve not just with knowledge. 

Enjoying the social events and travel opportunities

Part of being a student means that you can enjoy the social events on offer or even take up traveling opportunities. The night outs, the chances to meet people and have some fun, the opportunity to experience something new. It is all part of embracing the whole student life. Many universities have dedicated student bars which are designed to appeal to that age group. There can also be specialised trips and excursions, things like student trips to Dublin, or even looking at backpacking experiences or traveling to work in different parts of the world.  While people don’t go to university for the night life or for the travel elements, it is a big part of it, and often can give you the chance to make some great friendships. Which brings us nicely on to the next piece of advice. 

Embracing the friendships you can make

Finally, many would say that the friendships that they make at university are the ones that last a lifetime. Some even meet their future husbands and wives at university. This is because you are all experiencing this new chapter in your life together. Learning for your future careers, taking on new responsibilities and enjoying this new life with them. 

If you know someone who is about to embark on this chapter of their lives then let’s hope these pieces of advice stand them in good stead. 

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