The Best Way to Illuminate Your Bedroom

We spend so much time in our bedrooms over a lifetime, so it’s important to make sure it’s a space that’s comfortable and easy to relax in, otherwise we won’t be able to have a fulfilling sleep each night. There are lots of things to consider when decorating your bedroom in the hopes of turning it into your very own sanctuary. One of these factors is indoor lighting, which can make or break the way you sleep.

Unless you have a particularly small bedroom, it’s worth layering your lighting. In other words, make sure there is more than one source of light; perhaps a bold and dramatic fixture in the centre, along with cosy bedside lamps. There are plenty of options if you put your imagination to the test. Layered lighting essentially allows you to alter the ambiance of your room, depending on how you’re using it at the time. For example, bedside lamps are important if you like to read in bed.

If you don’t have enough room on your bedside cabinet for a lamp, you could consider hanging a pendant light on either side of the bed. This is a fantastic way to make a statement and add an element of your own personality in your room, particular as pendants are usually used as a centrepiece. On the other hand, if space isn’t really a problem in your bedroom, you could think about investing in a stylish floor lamp. This would be great placed next to a comfy arm chair that you can curl up in with a good book.

Think about your dressing area, as the right lighting can have a huge impact on your makeup application. Overhead lighting can cause shadows, but you want it to be bright and light for a flawless makeup look. LEDs and side lights are good options, and natural light is even better!

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