Top Tips for Building a Good Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher

Building a relationship with your child’s  teacher is really important because not only does it let your little one know you care about their education, it also lets their teacher know you support them.

Read on for some great tips from a prep school in Harpenden on how to develop a good relationship with your son or daughter’s teacher.

Always attend Parents’ Evening and other similar events, as they provide an opportunity for you to meet your child’s teacher(s) and get to know them a little bit better. However, you can speak to and correspond with your child’s teacher outside of Parents’ Evening. It might be worth writing a letter to your child’s teacher if you have some concerns you want to discuss with them, so that you can arrange an appropriate time to talk. Bombarding them before or after school is not normally the best time, as they are dealing with their pupils at these times.

Respect the fact that your child might act differently in class to the way they do at home and work with the teacher rather than against them at all times. After all, the wellbeing, behaviour and performance of your child is both yours and the teacher’s priority; you share the same end goal and should work together to achieve it.

If anything is going on at home that is affecting your child, whether in a positive or negative way, their teacher will be sure to appreciate being kept in the loop so that they can monitor your child for signs of distress or anything else out of the ordinary. The teacher will also appreciate encouragement and praise, so it might be a nice idea to get a little gift or card at the end of term to say “thanks”.

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