My Travel Bucket List

Everyone surely has an extensive travel bucket list and although I’m lucky enough to have already crossed a quite few biggies off of my own, including Jamaica, Cuba and Thailand, there are still so many places left that I would love to go to.

It has became much more difficult now that  the kids have reached school age as being tied to school holidays certainly makes it way more expensive, but here is a very small selection of the places still on my hit list for the future…

Travel Bucket list

Sri Lanka 

This place just looks amazing. It would be absolutely perfect for a child free relaxing get away, or a honeymoon. We had a look for Villas when we got married and there were some brilliant deals to be had.

The beaches look simply incredible, so aptly named The Pearl of the Indian Ocean, it looks like the ideal place to go snorkelling. The water is crystal clear and teaming with wildlife and there are plenty of PADI training centres to teach even the newest amateurs how to get the most out of snorkelling safely.

I bet the food is beyond amazing too!

Travel Bucket List


We looked at going here nearly twenty years ago as a part of a twin centre holiday, but we changed our minds at the last minute and I have always regretted it. It involved a week of staying in a mud hut in the jungle and uncluded seeing the wild men, who knows how long the orangutangs will survive – this one is really high up on my list! This break didn’t grab us at the time but it’s right up our ally now.

Travel Bucket List


I’ve always wanted to travel here as I would absolutely love to go to the karaoke bars and to see Mount Fuji with very own eyes. It just looks like such an interesting place and I imagine both the cities and the country side landscapes to be like nowhere I’ve ever been.

Travel Bucket List


Me and my husband want to go here child free for a weekend (a whole week if we could get the baby sitters!) to enjoy the hot springs and see the northern lights, floating glaciers and black sand or glistening icy beaches, huge waterfalls and geysers – this would be a dream come true.

Travel Bucket List


This is next on my list – despite the fact it’s only a short ferry trip away I’m ashamed to say never been and am planning on going for my 40th birthday in a few years.

I need to see the Eiffel Tower, Champs Elysee, visit the Louvre and absolutely at top of my agenda, I want to go to The Moulin Rouge – this is something that I’ve wanted to do for years and I can’t wait!

I know I probably won’t get to them all, more than likely there will be more added down the line, but I look forward to exploring as many as possible in my life time!

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