Three Activities for Outdoor Learning

It is great fun being outdoors at any age, but particularly for children.

Children love everything to do with the great outdoors. They enjoy exploring, playing with water and spotting wildlife. Without even realising it, outdoor fun can also offer many educational benefits to your child.

There are many outdoor activities that parents can enjoy with their children. These activities can help to develop literacy and numeracy skills, as well as a love of learning.

Here are three favourite outdoor learning activities suggested by Wetherby Pembridge

Bug Hunt

Introduce your child to the fascinating world of insects. Buy your child a magnifying glass so that they can study insects up close and follow them back to their homes. Where do they live? How many can they count? Teach your child fascinating bug facts or ask them to record their own observations in a bug diary. You will soon see their appreciation of insects grow as they learn more about their magnificent miniature world.

Grow Your Own

Growing a vegetable patch is a great way to teach your child about the different varieties of fruit and vegetables. It is also an ideal way to encourage them to add more of this healthy food into their diet. By growing your own veggies you can help your child to explore seasonality, as well as germination. They will enjoy watching their vegetables grow and then they will have the pleasure of picking and eating their very own produce!

Bird Feeder

Build a bird feeder with your child and invite some feathered friends to a feast in your garden! Making a bird feeder is a really quick and easy activity, and all you need is some bendy wire, string, raisins and some chopped up apple and cheese.

Start by chopping the apple and cheese into small cubes and then carefully thread these cubes, with the raisins onto the wire like a necklace. Make a hoop with the wire and tie it to some string. That’s it! Once you’ve created your feeder, sit back and observe the wonderful species it attracts.

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