Top Tips to Help Your Child with Science

You don’t have to excel in science in order to help your child develop an interest in this subject. There are lots of fun ways parents can help their children learn about science outside of the classroom. Read on for some top tips from The Holy Cross School in Surrey

There are lots of scientific activities you can do with your child at home, even with some simple household objects. Water play is great for young children. You can experiment with different materials and see which ones sink and which ones float, or what happens to certain materials then they are added to water.

Stimulate their curiosity but setting up some safe experiments at home, or engineering a marble run together.

Science is all around us and it is easy to use your child’s curiosity as a teaching method. For example, when they ask questions about night and day, you could demonstrate the various positions of the sun and moon using a children’s globe. It is important to encourage questions from your child and explore their own ideas and interests.

You don’t need to be at home to explore science; you could head out and explore nature instead, even if it’s in your own garden. Of course, this depends on the weather, but it’s a good opportunity to encourage your child to think about what happens during the different seasons and what kinds of plants and animals they can see. Discuss the weather and talk about where rain and snow comes from and the importance of the sun. Think about the trees and how they produce oxygen for us to breathe.

Science is all around us, and by pointing this out to your child you can help to spark their passion for learning.

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