Helping Your Child Become More Confident

Confidence is unarguably a vital trait to have mastered and is relied upon all the way through life. From making friends at school to going for a dream job interview or traveling the world on a gap year; it all stems back to being confident in yourself and your abilities.

Some children are naturally confident and enjoy talking to others and making friends, whereas others suffer from shyness and can find improving their self-esteem incredibly difficult. Fortunately, confidence is something that parents can help their children to build and shyness can be overcome using a few simple techniques.

An Independent School based in Oxfordshire has provided us with some helpful advice to help us help our children become more confident.

Encourage Independence

Give your child more responsibility. This could mean asking your child to help with some simple jobs around the house such as making their own breakfast or taking the dog for a walk around the blog. Encourage your child to speak to new people and take control of certain situations such as making a transaction in a shop or ordering the food from the waitress. This will increase their feelings of competency and confidence in their own abilities.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Sign your child up to an after-school club or extra-curricular activity such as sports or drama. This will help them to gain new skills, explore a new environment and meet new people. Your child may also have the opportunity to develop their communication, problem-solving and teamwork skills as a bonus!

Social Skills

Parents should try to set a good example for their children by demonstrating effective social skills with others at all times. Teach your child to say hello and how to hold a conversation, always stress the importance of listening to others when they are speaking. This will help build their confidence when making new friends.

Don’t forget to praise them!

You should always praise and reward your child for their efforts rather than their results to ensure they are never left feeling embarrassed. It’s always good to teach your child the phrase ‘practise makes perfect’ without putting too much pressure on them to succeed.

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