What Fees to Expect When Your Kids Start School

When your child starts school, there are lots of adjustments to family life. As a parent, you’ll probably feel a little anxious; will they make friends? Will they behave in class? Will they be safe? You will need to support them emotionally and physically and you should try and develop a strong relationship with the teachers to help your child succeed. There are also some costs to think about, as explored by an independent girls school below.

Your child will probably need school uniform, which can often become quite costly when bought all at once. In the run up to your child’s first day, you should try and spread the cost out over a few months. Many uniform shops make this easier by offering helpful payment options. It’s probably worth getting uniform that’s a little on the big size so that your child has room to grow into it, otherwise you’ll have to replace it again in a few months.

Other school-related costs are things like stationery and books. The school will probably supply many of these but if you want to buy any extra to keep at home, you’ll have to factor that into your budgeting. Extra-curricular activities, like piano lessons for instance, will often be quite costly but there are many emotional and physical benefits to getting your kids involved with out of school clubs.

Another unexpected cost that will crop up every once in a while is school trips. Depending on the type of trip it could be absolutely free or super expensive. If you struggle to afford the trip, don’t feel pressured because they are rarely compulsory. However, do make sure to check if there is a helpful payment method that allows you to split the cost into smaller instalments.

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