Should I Encourage My Child to Join a Sports Club

Getting your children off the sofa and onto the sports pitch brings a whole list of benefits and wide variety of physical, mental and social skills into their lives that they never knew they were lacking. These will bode well for them throughout their childhood and even as they reach adulthood and beyond. Of course each child is different and you need to think about your child’s individual needs but as a whole we can see mainly the plus sides to sports clubs!

To help you decide whether a sports club is right for your child a Grammar School located in Leicestershire have provided us with the following helpful information.

Valuable life skills

Being part of a sports team teaches your child how to work with others toward a common goal while improving their communication and confidence.

The social side

A child can never have too many friends; joining a sports club will introduce them to a new pool of children who have similar interests to them opening up new friendship opportunities.

Improve physical health

The obvious benefit is that it will keep your child physically fit and healthy, help them to remain a healthy BMI and lessen the risk of chronic diseases such as strokes, obesity and diabetes.

Improve general well being

As well as the physical benefits, physical activity is also great for relieving stress because it produces endorphins in the body that act as a natural painkiller. Being part of a team will give your child a sense of belonging and help with their self-esteem. Exercise is also proven to improve alertness and concentration, which means kids can go back to their lessons feeling on the ball and reading for more learning.

Discover a new talent

You could find that your child is a natural at the new sport and help them to develop a lifelong love of a new hobby or even career path!

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