Places To Visit This Weekend

With the warmer weather finally coming in, I know you’re positively itching to get out and enjoy the sunshine! Here’s an exhaustive list of all the great places you could visit this weekend…

Your living room

Take the weight off your feet and rest, you deserve it! Pop the telly on while your kids decant 1,000,000 toys that they have absolutely zero intention of playing with, before trotting off to draw on the walls while you’re not looking, and let the wonder that is Boris Johnson confuse you with his unclear messages – then argue it out with your family. A good, healthy debate like this will be a tonic to your marriage.

Your kitchen

This is the place to be when you get peckish. You could spend some time here rifling through your cupboards with a confused look on your face. Keep your brain sharp by wondering what to rustle up with English mustard, jelly and a pack of parma violets – all the while cursing the selfish gits that bought all the pasta.

Your bathroom

This is the place to go if you need some quiet contemplation (away from your kids), whilst thinking of ingeniously inventive ways to solve the new challenge that is a toilet role shortage.

Your garden

You can while away the hours in your garden, providing it’s not raining. Try this fun game – count the minutes between each episode of telling the kids to be careful, stop digging a hole in the middle of the lawn and stop screeching at each other.

The Supermarket

Get out and stretch your legs. Enjoy a change of scenery, while you browse the empty shelves and run away from any other potential mobile germ carriers you might have the misfortune to see there.

Your bedroom

Relax and unwind, settle down for a great nights sleep, with your very own pillows and duvet, so that you can ensure that you are refreshed and completely able to enjoy the next day. *Disclaimer – it will be the same as today – without the trip to the supermarket.


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