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Around six months ago we completed our family by adding a puppy. We had talked about it for years, agonising over whether to adopt a rescue dog or get a puppy, and although it’s an unpopular decision to some, we opted for a puppy. I felt safer having a puppy around my children as we’d know his past.

A lot of consideration went into what breed we should get as we wanted to make sure we would be able to offer our pooch a happy home with enough exercise – we wanted a dog that could (down the line) come running with us.

So we chose a lurcher – he’s 3/4 whippet crossed with a Bedlington Terrier and Nina (3 at the time) named him Fridge – we tried to convince her otherwise but she was set so there you have it.

He was tiny!

I never imagined how difficult it would be, or how rewarding – it’s just like having another kid – which means lots of treats!

I was sent some lovely goodies from for Fridge and he LOVED them.

Huntland Grain Free Dog Food

PetshopThis is 100% natural and grain-free food specially balanced, like no other food on the market, by 50% fish and 50% vegetables and botanicals. It’s free of allergens and dry food helps to clean your dogs teeth, prevents bad breath as well as the fibre from the vegetables helps to prevent wind. A huge bonus.

Dentalife Chews


These lasted a little more than a nanosecond – Fridge loved them, they’re all natural dog treats and are great for his teeth and we’ll be buying some more.

Catch Dog Treats


Cookies for your dog! I had no idea these were available and Fridge LOVED them so much. Yes, OK they smell really strong but they are gone in seconds – we’ll definitely buy more of these for our boy. Natural dog treats are so much better for our fur babies.

Check out their website and stock up for Christmas – if you’ve never considered buying online pet supples or online dog food – is the place to start.

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