My Shake That Weight experience – Day 1

The husband and I are taking the kids on holiday in nine weeks and I know that I won’t feel comfortable spending a week in swimwear in my current state.

I have resolved that if I manage to lose enough doing this, I’ll even treat myself to an actual bikini – something I haven’t worn since before my days as a mother.

My target for the fortnight is one stone – I’ll be chuffed to bits if I can manage it!

That said – this is going to be a huge challenge as I LOVE food and the temptation to ‘help’ the children finish their meals is really, REALLY strong!

Here’s how I got on today…

Day 1

BREAKFAST: Chocolate Heaven shake – I was really pleasantly surprised by the taste and texture! I thought it would be thin and horrible as you make them up with water, but I was happily impressed.

I had this at around 8am and was half dead by 10am – I really struggled to wait and ended up having lunch at 11:30 – I’m not upset about that as I had a MASSIVE roast dinner yesterday so it was to be expected really!

Day 1 - Chocolate Heaven Shake

LUNCH: Chilli Beef Noodles – sort of like a ‘pot Noodle’ it looked vile but the taste and texture again completely defied the appearance!

Day 1 - Chilli Beef Noodles

AFTERNOON: Chicken Tikka Favoured rice meal – I was disappointed by this – it was chewy and really not my cup of tea at all – glad I ordered another four of those.

Day 1 - Chicken Tikka Rice Meal

DINNER: Cottage Pie (very lean and topped with mashed sweet potatoes) – I was so ready for this! My plate was piled high with vegetables and I only had half the portion of pie I would usually have. I really, REALLY enjoyed it!

I may or may not have inhaled my dinner without taking a photo 🙈

I managed to drink two litres of water easily by having a pint with each meal – I was shocked and not really having to wee much at all in the morning – I must’ve been really dehydrated! The afternoon though – weeing every two minutes – which is great and in no way annoying or inconvenient – my skin better be AMAZING after this!

Day 1 - Illegal snack
This snack is illegal – I shouldn’t be having it – but as far as illegal snacks go it’s not bad, right?



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