Get Ready for Summer

At long last, summer is finaly peeking around the corner and before we start dusting off our sun glasses and digging out the sun cream, there are a few things to do to make sure we’re ready to enjoy it!


Cut The Grass

Yep. Sorry, not an enjoyable task for most of us, but a completely necessary one (unless youre lucky enough to have artificial grass) – this is also a good time to throw down some weed and feed – get that lawn looking lovely for all the BBQ’s you’ll surely be enjoying – who wants to eat in doors when the sun is shining?

Trim The Hedges

Another dreaded job, and you might as well pull up any weeds you find as you go along – this will make for stress free time enjoying your garden and you’ll be smug in the knowledge that you’ve done your bit for a few months.

Swap To The Summer Duvet – switching off the central heating and swapping from the cosy, thick winter duvet to the lovely, light summer one is a grand sign of beautiful summer days, filled with picnics and lovely long walks, getting the padfling pool out for the kids to splash around in, trips to the playground and running for the ice cream van!

I think it’s nice to swap for brighter bed clothes too at this time of year – my preference is any thing floral, pretty, light and bright – you’ll find some lovely new duvets and nice new covers for them at great, cheap prices here – there is so much to chose from! You can also find loads of cheap, cool stuff for your freshly manicured garden too.


Swap your Wardrobe

Throw all of the black tights out. GET RID OF THEM. RIGHT NOW.

Change those plain winter clothes for your lovely, bright, floral ones that have been snug in a drawer for months on end. Get the maxi dresses and shorts out!

If you’ve already checked out the link above, you’ll know by now that you can also get some cool clothes for yourself to revamp your wardrobe too.

Also *cough, cough* did you check out the hot tub deals? You need one – YOU KNOW YOU DO! The cheapest one I found on there was £250 – this is a conplete steal!

I’m totally praying that my husband will read this and buy me one!

Here’s hoping!

*this is a collaborative post*

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