How to Help Your Child Manage Their Study Time

Time management is a very important skill for students to master, especially during exam period and other stressful times throughout their education. In fact, it’s an important skill to carry throughout life and drastically improves independence. There are many ways in which parents can help their children manage their study time effectively, as explored by Brampton College within this article.

Knowing that they have your parental support and guidance will be hugely beneficial for your child, especially if you help them determine their priorities and overall schedule. Talk to them about their priorities and try your best to ease the pressure of school work and exam prep by praising them for their efforts rather than their results. After all, positive reinforcement goes a long way. It’s also worth encouraging your child to engage in a healthy lifestyle, for a nutritional diet to plenty of exercise.

Your child will need a study timetable. This will help them feel more in control of everything they need to do, ensure that nothing is missed and most importantly, limit procrastination. We’re all guilty of saying to ourselves “I’ll do that tomorrow” but if it’s written in a timetable it will be less easy to ignore. What’s more, a timetable will remind your child when to take a break and when to fit in chill time and socialisation so that they don’t go stir crazy. There is absolutely no point in staring at a blank word document because inspiration for an essay isn’t emerging.

One of the biggest ways you can help your child with their study time is to provide them with a desk and suitable study area where there are no distractions. You could also suggest that they invite a study buddy round to work with them, as this can limit procrastination and improve motivation.


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