A Parents’ Guide to SATs

When students are preparing for their Year 6 SATs, it is important for parents to find out as much information as possible about these exams in order to support their children.

To give parents a helping hand, Manor Prep School in Oxfordshire have put together this helpful guide to SATs…

What are SATs?

SATs are taken to assess the progress your child is making at school. They are not exams that you can pass or fail, they simply help to indicate what level your child is currently working to.

Your child will be assessed on their reading, maths and ‘SPAG’ skills, which include spelling, punctuation and grammar.

One of the biggest aims of these tests is to measure the school’s performance and ensure they are providing the best level of education to their students.


Your child’s reading will be assessed with a series of questions based on three passages of text. The reading test usually takes around one hour and is designed to ensure that children can understand the text they have read.

There will be a range of different questions types, such as ranking certain events in the order in which they happened, or finding words that describe how a character is feeling.


Maths SAT tests usually include one 30-minute arithmetic test and two 40-minute reasoning tests.

In the first test, children will need to make calculations, whereas in the second and third tests they are normally given a problem to solve with a multiple choice answer.


There are two parts to the SPAG test; a 45-minute grammar and punctuation test, and a 15-minute spelling test. During the grammar and punctuation section, children will be asked to identify nouns, construct a response or rewrite an incorrect sentence.
If you would like to learn more about SATs or the curriculum in general, it is important to speak to your child’s teachers. They will be able to provide all the information required to help you prepare your child for their upcoming exams.

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