How to Help Your Child Manage Their Study Time

Time management is a very important skill for students to master, especially during exam period and other stressful times throughout their education. In fact, it’s an important skill to carry throughout life and drastically improves independence. There are many ways in which parents can help their children manage their study time effectively, as explored by […]

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How a Single Sex School Can Benefit Your Child

There is an abundance of research out there that suggests single-sex learning environments are highly beneficial for students, including higher levels of achievement in many cases. This is true particularly of female students. Though it is difficult to generalise about all schools, I have teamed up with a Catholic girls’ school in Twickenham to explore […]

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Get Ready for Summer

At long last, summer is finaly peeking around the corner and before we start dusting off our sun glasses and digging out the sun cream, there are a few things to do to make sure we’re ready to enjoy it! Cut The Grass Yep. Sorry, not an enjoyable task for most of us, but a […]

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